“Roofing slates” can be an ambiguous term. Based on the person you ask, they could use the term the rubber slates or roof slates. It’s not quite right. Roof tiles aren’t roof slates. We won’t go into detail on this subject, but roof slates are comprised of concrete, stones, or clay.

This is only the beginning of what makes the term roof slate. There’s more but we’ll get that covered another time. In the meantime, we have to address the crucial question, which is … what would be the cost of roofing slates?

What is the cost?

A lot of homeowners want to know the price of any project prior to investing in the work, and that’s fine. The main aspects that influence the construction project include the area of the roof and the cost of labor and the price of the materials to mention just a few. In spite of all that roofing slates can be an investment that is profitable, and they are this due to the advantages they provide. Let’s take a look at some of them.


They’re beautiful

If you’ve ever looked at roof slates, we’re sure you’ll be in agreement with us. Roof slates look beautiful and that’s the reason they’re often praised for. They have a classy look for lack of a better word. Additionally it is available in different colors and sizes, which adds to the overall look of the material.

They are strong and durable.

Roofing slates are well-known for their long-lasting properties. What’s the longest you can ask? It’s normal to expect your roof to last more than 50 years. It’s because it’s constructed from natural materials, which last longer than the other synthetic alternatives. Furthermore, the slates are not flammable, which means they won’t ignite. If this isn’t enough, they are also resistant to the effects of elements like extreme weather and temperature variations. When you take all of this into consideration it is clear the benefits of slates since they require very little maintenance.

This can boost your home’s price at resale

The value of resales for homes with roof slates usually rises due to several reasons. The first is its aesthetic value that comes from the roof. The home looks more attractive and helps to increase the value. Additionally, it’s an enduring and long-lasting home improvement that makes your home more valuable should you choose to decide on selling it.


There’s nothing perfect in the world. In spite of the many advantages, roofing slate can provide. There are a few disadvantages. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Issues with Replacement

Replacing slate tiles is quite a challenge. This is due to slates being in large quantities and each one is unique or different at times. It is therefore quite difficult finding slates which will be the perfect match for the ones you already have. Take care of the roof with respect.

The slates’ weight

One of the biggest disadvantages is the weight of slates. They are generally quite heavy. This additional weight to the roof could cause structural problems. This is especially when the home isn’t built with the structural support required to support the added weight. It’s essential to keep the structural strength of your home checked prior to installing slates.

However, roofing slates are an excellent addition to your house. Depending on where you’re located it could be necessary to import them. If so, ensure you’re working with Richardson Best roofing & Repairs which is an expert in the industry and the most trusted of Texas homeowners.