There are a variety of roof materials available, all having distinct advantages. Certain materials are more durable, and others let more water out. Each has its own method of installation. If the roof is made up of one type of shingle it’ll require high-quality roofing nails to be used in Aledo, Texas. Here’s what you should look for nails when commencing a Aledo roofing job.

Roofing Nails

The most popular nail type used for roofing is known as roofing nails. They are commonly used with shingles in the majority of cases. They are usually made of aluminum and stainless steel in order to stop corrosion and rust. The head of a roofing nail is broad and large. This provides the nail with an extra surface on which to press the shingle against the sheathing. The nails are put through the shingle and then into the sheathing to keep them in place.

Unique Shaft

Roofing nails don’t just have a bigger head than normal nails, but the shaft can be different too. The most commonly used and least costly option is a straight shaft that is easy to install. A larger diameter shaft will grip the wood better and will be more difficult to remove. They are ideal for regions that are prone to tornadoes throughout the entire year. Areas that are susceptible to tornadoes need nails that can grip better and the shank is then twisted as screws. When you drive the nail through the roof and it is twisted, it binds the wood, creating a more solid connection.

How long is a nail

Roofing nails are available in different lengths and the correct size is determined by three aspects. The first one is how thick they are. The second aspect is how thick the underlayment is. The nail should extend another 3/8 ” to about 1/2 ” across the underlayment. When it is at this point the nail should start to bend as it is pulled out, giving it greater grip in the wood.

Special Nails

Certain nails are specially designed to make waterproofing go to a new step. Galvanized nails are nails made of stainless steel which have been coated with zinc, providing them with an additional layer of resistance to rust. Galvanized nails coated with zinc will last for a longer time than nails that have been coated with zinc. Copper nails are the ones that prevent the growth of algae and mildew over the top. Tar-dipped nails are coated with a tar layer on them, which is heated through friction when they are driven into wood. This tar is then used to seal the hole, which stops water from leaking through.

Every component of the roof functions together to keep weather and rain from the home. Because it can take quite a beating, the roofing shingles, as well as the nails in Texas, must be of top-quality to last for many years. To get more details and help with roofing nails get in touch with us at Aledo Best Roofing & Repairs.